I am very honored and deeply grateful to be elected as your representative in the Vermont House. I look forward to serving South Burlington in Montpelier. Thank you.


Investing in affordable housing, early education, livable wages, small businesses, and the environment is essential, while striving toward a pragmatic economic bottom line. Judicious tax reform and school refinancing is necessary, but must be balanced to ensure a safety net where no one is left behind. People-centered programs can be delivered within a balanced budget. 

I want to work with neighbors and citizens state-wide, to make Vermont an even better place for all people to thrive. I am serving on the House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs considering matters relating to alcoholic beverages; housing; claims against the State; labor relations; military matters, including those relating to civil defense and discharged veterans, their dependents, and survivors; and all matters relating to subjects for which there is no other appropriate committee. Please feel free to contact me with ideas and concerns at jkillacky@leg.state.vt.





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